Daimler and Ford cut production due to chip shortage

Daimler said on April 21 that it would cut the working hours of up to 18500 employees and suspend production in two German factories as the shortage of semiconductor chips hit global car production, foreign media reported.

A spokesman for the company said: "at present, there is a global shortage of some semiconductor components, and we will continue to observe the development of the situation. At present, the situation is not stable enough, so it is impossible to predict the impact. "

Daimler said workers at its Bremen and Rastatt plants would work shorter hours. Production at the plant will be suspended, but employees will be allowed to continue with special projects, the company said. The shutdown will start on April 23 and is expected to last for a week.

In addition, Ford also informed its workers on April 21 that due to the continuous shortage of chips, the company will extend the downtime of its main factories in North America. One of the factories responsible for the production of the best-selling F-150 pickup trucks will also be affected. Ford has two factories in the United States responsible for the production of F-150 pickup trucks. The shutdown will last one to two weeks.

Ford said in an employee memo that its Chicago, flat rock and Kansas City plants would shut down in the week of May 3 and the week of May 10. Kansas City factory is responsible for the production of F-150 and Quanshun trucks. Since the week of April 12, Ford's Flett rock plant, which makes Mustang models, and its Chicago plant, which makes explorers and Lincoln Aviator models, have suspended production. The Kansas City plant began to shut down in the week of April 19.

The company's Oakville assembly plant in Canada will suspend production in the week of May 3. The plant is responsible for the production of Ford edge and Lincoln Nautilus models. In addition, Ford said that in the weeks of May 3 and May 10, its Ohio assembly plant will continue to implement the production restrictions that began in the week of April 19, producing only super duty chassis cabs and medium trucks.






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