90% of people do not know that the problem of hanging out is so serious

【Car Ownership】 If you drive a vehicle without paying attention to deceleration or don't care about the car, problems will arise in the car's suspension system components. For example, the car will swing up and shake very hard, especially after some slowdown. When there is an uneven road, it seems that there is no buffer, and the up and down jump is very powerful. Have you tried this situation? Then what are the precursors of these problems?
If you do not pay attention to deceleration or don't care about the car when you drive the car everyday, the components of the suspension system in the car will cause problems in advance. For example, the car swings and shakes very hard, especially after some speed bumps or uneven roads. At that time, it seems that there is no buffer, and the jump is very powerful. Have you tried this situation? Then what are the precursors of these problems?

First of all

If it is the status of a new car, most of them will not be a problem. However, if you have these warning signs in the process of driving, then you must hurry to make further inspections. The following are the precursors to the six types of problems that I have collected.

The first one is the precursor you mentioned in the supplementary note - when you accidentally crashed the vehicle and the car body was seriously deformed, and when you repaired the sheet metal parts, you also found that the car was out of position... In fact, this It is because the side of the front suspension is deformed, and the length of the wheelbase on the left and right sides does not reach the same length (the same length) of the original factory in the process of repairing sheet metal, so it will cause the suspension mechanism to force the body to be uneven. , you have to correct the sheet metal, chassis and other components again, by the way to find the repair shop to calculate the old account...

The second precursor - the steering wheel feels suddenly heavy during the driving of the vehicle. Then you have to find a place to stop and check if the front wheel leaks. If the tires and the steering wheel are all normal, then It is very likely that there was a problem with the front torsion. At this time, it is necessary to go to the repair shop or the tire shop to check if it is necessary to position the front wheel.

The third precursor - if you heard abnormal noise from the rear axle (rear) when you are over-decelerating the belt, this is mainly due to the aging caused by the rear suspension anti-roll bar and the chassis connecting rubber bush. The phenomenon will inevitably lose its elasticity and the buffer capacity will drop. Therefore, replacing the aged rubber parts can be solved.

The fourth precursor - if the body oscillates back and forth after bumpy or pitted pavement, like a boat ride, or when you are in emergency braking, the front end of the car is constantly "nodding", and the front of the The sinking motion becomes very powerful, which clearly shows that the shock absorber on the front suspension or rear suspension has failed (or all failed), and the suspension failure means that the “controller” of the control spring group fails. This will keep the body from vibrating.

The fifth precursor—when the vehicle is driving on a freeway (leveling road), if the body is found uneven, and it is often biased to one side; this may be because the suspension spring on one side becomes soft (because of elastic fatigue ), or the internal leakage of the shock absorber (caused by deformation or damage of the shock absorber core) makes the shock support weak. Therefore, the car's walking course will be biased towards the lower side of the vehicle body. Replace the spring or shock absorber.

The sixth precursor - if you are not Hellaflush modification player, the front tires have found a serious wear phenomenon (inside or outside wear), then the problem of partial wear of the tire must have appeared in the inclination of the suspension. Therefore, we must first check the position of the front wheel and make a judgment. If the positioning is accurate, then the probability of the suspension system being deformed by the wound is very large.

to sum up

The problem of the failure of the shock absorber directly affects the driving texture and driving performance of our car, so we must not careless about this aspect. The so-called quantitative change will affect the qualitative change. Suspension problems will also directly affect the chassis of our car. This will accelerate the aging of some of the wearing parts of the chassis, leading to more problems. This is why so many people will say that their cars are getting worse and worse, and the abnormal sound of vehicles is mostly caused by improper maintenance. Paying attention to the maintenance of the car is the responsibility of each car owner for his car.


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